The PennEast Pipeline is a 36" natural gas transmission line being proposed by a partnership of gas companies called PennEast Pipeline , LLC., led by UGI.  The PennEast Pipeline, if approved, will carry over a billion cubic feet of fracked gas approximately 114 miles from Luzerne County, PA to a junction in Mercer County, NJ. The line then connects to a network of pipes that can move gas anywhere across the nation, including new LNG export facilities that can ship gas overseas. 

The pipeline is currently set to have a 100 foot-wide permanent easement and a 400ft construction easement. It crosses next to and through hundreds of homes, barns, farms, organic gardens, pristine forests, orchards, parks and more. It would cross 80+ waterways, including top-rated, "federally protected" streams and the Wild and Scenic Delaware River. Much of the land it plans to cross is preserved as Open Space, Preserved Farmland, county and state preserved lands, and land trusts. These are the areas that communities deemed the most valuable to keep pristine and safe from harm's way, but instead have become the target for the pipeline.


The pipeline route passes through sensitive geology and threatens the water supplies for thousands who live on well water. It passes through areas of known endangered species such as Bald Eagles, Bobolinks, Harrier Hawks, Ospreys, Cormorants, Wood Turtles, Great Blue Herons, Bobcats, Long-tailed Salamander and much, much more.

The proposed pipeline has an operating pressure of up to 1440 pounds per square inch. This is intense pressure! And much of the line will use only the lowest grades of pipe, class 1 and 2 combined. If the pipeline were to breech and ignite under that pressure the incineration/blast zone is 900 feet in diameter and the impact zone  over a mile. Pipeline accidents are frequent and can be seen daily  in news reports across the country. Google "Gas Pipeline Accident".


Dangerous and Polluting infra-structre comes with new natural gas pipelines, such as compressor stations. The construction of the pipeline alone will bring a barage of trucks and construction vehicles that will destroy our already weary roads. Workers from all over the country will arrive and be pushed to hurriedly lay the line with very little oversight. Our regulations have beeen stipped to almost nothing. Communities have no legal authority over its placement or oversight. If it is approved, it will be federally regulated by a minimal staff and weak regulation.


The PennEast pipeline has submitted its application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) (Docket #CP15-558) and the company is trying to survey and now negotiate leases on the route. But, OVER 70% of the residents in NJ are refusing to let PennEast reps on their properties to conduct surveying activity. Pennsylvania is behind with only 30% of the landowners standing up against them, we hope to see that change as people learn more and recognize they need to say no. The lease agreements being offered are outrageously predatory. See more info HERE. If you are a landowner, please find out more and contact a lawyer before you sign anything!


The original goal to begin construction was 2017, but they are behind on their permit filing due to the outcry of citizens and bravery of the landowners who are refusing them access.


Some Reasons to Oppose it:

We cannot afford to jeopardize our water! Water is becoming more and more precious by the day, we need to do everything we can to protect our watersheds. The construction and operation of industrial pipelines in our watersheds is a very viable  threat to our drinking water. 


No Eminent Domain for Corporate Gain. Eminent Domain allows the government to take your land against your will (although you get paid). It is intended for use only in times of great public need (roadways, railways), however we currently have laws that permit corporations this serious and powerful tool with very little proof of public need. The only need that we can see for PennEast, is that a lot of gas executives want the bigger profits that can be achieved if they expand their market overseas (using our lands on the way).


PennEast, UGI and its partners, are not who you want in charge of something this dangerous in your community. Not only do they have terrible ethical and safety records, they have already been caught in this early point of the project, trespassing on people's posted properties, drilling without proper permits, falsifying their submissions, intimidating landowners, legislators and citizens. Many communities in NJ have now banned their surveying activity in response to these activities.


The construction of the PennEast pipeline will facilitate many, many more fracking wells in Northern Pennsylvania, which not only use tremendous amounts of precious surface water resources, but also pollute underground aquifers, cause earthquakes, pollute the air, and cause climate change. LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND!

Methane is one of the greatest contributors to climate change! Every part of the process leaks methane into the air, including the pipelines.


The construction of pipelines encourages longer and greater dependance on fossil fuels and stops us from making a quicker switch to renewables. Imagine if the billion dollar investment made into the PennEast Pipeline was made into renewables instead! 


Horrific polluting and deadly pipeline accidents happen often! Leaks and smaller accidents happen daily. Their cumulative impacts are becoming profound.





The Cost of the Pipeline

Stop Penneast CCAP 

PennEast Pipeline LLC 



Register with FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)

PennEast Docket #CP15-558 send a comment to learn how click HERE


Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)